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Broken Trunk

Our Creations

Mathew is continually designing and making new pieces all the time. He enjoys combining different materials, blending the organic with the industrial and the ordinary to the extraordinary.

If you see anything you would like to purchase feel free to complete the purchase form.

To view our currently available pieces click the link below.


From little acorns grow

This piece is made from English Oak, with a resin centrepiece encapsulating real acorns. The different layers of the flower have been decorated using a variety of techniques including, carving, pyroghraphy, guilding and yes they are real zips!

To the point

Made from Sycamore, with a resin band containing pencil crayons. This piece looks like it could take a bite with its razor sharp points.

Pencil crayons.JPG
Pewter and Elm.jpg

Heavyweight Elm

This beautiful piece of Elm burr is warm and tactile. The polished Pewter rim is heavy and cold. The pewter was recycled from a former Beer tankard and smelted to create the crowning glory to complement the Elm.

Autumn Leaves

Copper leaf encapsulated within the resin creates the feeling of Autumn leaves or crackling fires on a chilly day. Complementing the grain of the Elm as the main body of the piece.

Copper leaf on Elm(1).jpg

How To Buy

If you would like to buy one of our handmade pieces please click on the button below or come and see our display at one of our many events we attend. 

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